On The Decline of Western Culture

The sad and ugly truth is that so-called Millennials have not, and likely will not ever produce anything of lasting cultural value. Postmodern thought is not merely a rejection of beauty, but a rejection of the idea that beauty even exists. The glorification of a urine-soaked crucifix as “art” is as much an attack on the very concept of beauty as it is a political and (anti) religious statement. As Andrew Breitbart famously said, politics is downstream from culture. It just so happens that popular culture in the West has moved downstream from a sewage plant.

PJW’s take on popular music is also informative.

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They Hate You

There is no escaping it. The statist-left hates you and wishes to see you and your kind destroyed- and they have wanted this for a very, very long time. Why are we only now seeing the paroxysms of rage and violent flailing? First, remember that this sort of behavior is not new. Its history has just been buried because it is not useful to the current prevailing Narrative. If anything, the preceding years have been remarkably peaceful, given their fantasies of seeing you exterminated or otherwise brutalized. Second, they are lashing out because they thought they had won.

For the first time in nearly a decade, the statist-left has been swept from federal power in every meaningful sense except for the corrupt judiciary and the Leviathan administrative state. Such a crippling defeat in the face of what they believed to be a guaranteed victory has left them reeling. Their attacks on their political enemies are merely an outward expression of the impotent rage they feel because they no longer (completely) control the levers of power. They can no longer use the mechanisms of the state to destroy your culture and way of life, nor can they impose their own preferences and culture upon you from the barrel of a government gun.

Having been deprived of an advantage which they have for so long enjoyed, they now resort to the only means they have available left to them: mob violence. It does not matter what names they call you or what flimsy excuses they proffer up to justify their violence against you. If they could not accuse you of Nazism, they would accuse you of something else- just before spraying you with mace and bludgeoning your skull with a blunt object. Today they will use violence to keep you from speaking because they hate what you have to say. Tomorrow they will use violence against you because of who you are.

This is why I have warned in the past against the folly of arming the statist-left. There is a myth popular in the American gun culture which suggests that the easiest way to turn an anti-gun statist into a pro-gun libertarian is to hand that person a gun and let him shoot a few rounds. While that may be an effective strategy for converting an “on-the-fence” hoplophobe, the same strategy applied to a violent leftist will only make that leftist more violent and dangerous.

Even now, the statist-left is actively attempting to create its own gun culture for the purpose of killing you and people like you. Anyone who casually laughs that the coming Second Civil War will be over “in no time” because “we have all the guns” is an abject fool. They are already fighting, and most of their would-be victims are doing nothing. They are arming themselves, training, organizing, and creating the justification (rational or not) for your extermination. What are you doing to prepare? And what are you doing to stop them?

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Hearing Protection Act of 2017: Update 5

In the past two weeks, the Hearing Protection Act has dropped from the #2 most viewed bill on Congress.gov to the #8 most viewed bill, to not even being in the top ten. Public interest, it seems, is beginning to wane as it capriciously focuses on other topics.

Fortunately, there has been some limited progress made in the acquisition of sponsors. Since the last update, numerous additional representatives have signed on to the House version of the bill, raising the total number of cosponsors since the last update from 74 to 83, and then again to its current total of 92. In addition, the House Judiciary Committee has referred the bill to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. Of the members of the subcommittee, only Representatives Jason Chaffetz (UT-3), and John Ratcliffe (TX-4) are sponsors.

The Senate version of the bill, S.59, has acquired one additional supporter in Senator James Risch of Idaho.

To date, there has still been no action taken on the bill in the Senate Committee on Finance or in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Outside of Congress, the Hearing Protection Act continues to gain support, including from the Chief Operating Officer of the BATFE. Apart from Lügenpresse rags like the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, even media outlets seem to be lining up behind the HPA. Donald Trump Junior’s support for the bill certainly won’t hurt its chances. Continue to write your representatives and urge them to support the bill. We have come too far to allow this bill to simply die in committee.

For background information or previous updates on the Hearing Protection Act of 2017, click here.

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Protests as Political Terrorism

A recent Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Berkeley was shut down after members of the statist-left opposed to his message started a riot. They claimed, of course, that their blatant political violence was necessary to prevent the spread of an ideology that (according to them) promotes political violence. Lest you are tempted to point out the idea that “Democrats are the real Nazis!” remember that it is likely to be as effective as suggesting that Democrats are the real racists™, which is to say, not at all.

Those on the statist-left are enormous hypocrites. They are aware of this fact. They don’t care. Accusing your opponent of not living up to his own standards is a tactic they invented. They don’t block roads, firebomb buildings, and beat political opponents because they actually believe that their opponents are Nazis. They do it because their power and ability to impose their way of life on others from the barrel of a gun has been threatened. They do it because they want to intimidate anyone else who might dare to dissent or express ideas that they do not like. They do it because they know the media is friendly to their cause and will provide narrative cover for them.

Fortunately, groups such as Project Veritas and the Oathkeepers have had some success in infiltrating these organizations, but the impact so far has not yet been sufficient enough to disrupt these acts of political terrorism. Thanks to George Soros and his ilk, they are well funded and extremely well organized. The attacks, riots, and political intimidation will continue until they are cut off from their paymasters, or until sufficient reactionary violence is applied to deter these “protests” and enable persons such as Milo Yiannopoulos to speak without fear of attendees being beaten or the venue being firebombed.

At a certain point, defensive violence to protect oneself and one’s right to speak will not only be morally justified and eminently reasonable, but existentially necessary. To survive and be allowed to speak in public, the right will need to become just as organized and capable of defending itself as the left currently is at attacking the right. The alternative is to be first bullied into silence, and then bullied into the boxcar.

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Understanding Weaponized Empathy

The one comes via WRSA. Bottom line: weaponized empathy is the primary tactic that the statist-left uses to advance its cause.

What is Weaponized Empathy? It is the deliberate hijacking of your own moral standards, your ability to empathize with your fellow man, in order to force you to serve someone else’s narrative. It is, in essence, a highly sophisticated form of guilt-tripping designed to turn you into a slave.

You might consider it an evolution of the Alinsky tactic of forcing the enemy to live up to their own moral standards. But it goes beyond that. It forces an enemy to embrace your moral standards or suffer tremendous peer pressure and socially-engineered “justice” at the whims of the mob.

Read the whole thing, understand it, and learn to recognize when it is being used against you.

Vox Day’s thoughts on the concept of Dialectic versus Rhetoric in Chapter 10 of SJWs Always Lie are also highly relevant:

In his book Rhetoric, which is said to be “the most important single work on persuasion ever written,” the Greek philosopher Aristotle divides the art of persuasion into two distinct forms, dialectic and rhetoric, concerning which he makes a very important observation. I can’t stress enough how vital this observation is, or how helpful it is to make the effort to understand it and take it to heart:

“Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”

“There are people whom one cannot instruct.” One of Man’s greatest thinkers, a brilliant teacher who tutored one of history’s greatest generals, Alexander the Great, knew that there were people even he could not teach. He didn’t say it was difficult to get through to them, he didn’t say it would take a long time to instruct them, he simply concluded that it could not be done, at least not with mere knowledge.

However, he went on to point out that it is possible to convince them to change their minds, only that one cannot do so by presenting them with knowledge. Instead, it is necessary to manipulate them, to play upon their emotions, in order to get them to change their minds. He even provided detailed instructions on how to go about communicating with these people who make decisions on the basis of their feelings rather than their logical capacities.

As you can probably guess, SJWs fall squarely into the category of people who cannot be instructed and cannot be convinced by knowledge. This is the key to understanding their astonishing ability to cling to their Narrative in the face of evidence that obliterates it as well as their insistence on clinging to it even as it shifts and contradicts itself. The reason SJWs can believe seven impossible and mutually contradictory things before breakfast is their inability to be instructed by knowledge; as long as each of those seven things happens to be in line with whatever their emotions are at the moment, the SJW will not see the inherent contradictions that thinking people do.

Scott Adams also subscribes to this idea, noting that people are almost never persuaded on the basis of logic or reason, but based on their own skewed interpretation of how the world functions. Attempting to use reason to persuade someone who is incapable of using reason will not result in a fruitful or productive conversation.

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A Gasp of Survival

Of all the actions taken by President Trump in the past week, none has attracted nearly as much ire or controversy as his executive order prohibiting entry into the United States to anyone from a hit-parade of Islamofascist terror states for the next ninety days. The outrage is wholly manufactured, of course. None of the protests are spontaneous, and nearly all of them (if not all of them) are funded and organized by the murderous criminal George Soros– a Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust by selling out other Jews.

That they would choose this particular act of the chief executive as an excuse to riot is particularly telling. After all, nothing is so threatening or terrifying to the globalists as the possibility of Americans realizing that not only is immigration of absolutely no benefit to them, but that they have no legal or moral obligation to continue importing the worst of the third world at a pace best described as demographic and cultural suicide. Unfortunately for the left’s cadre of brownshirts, the top rated comments on the video make abundantly clear that Americans are rapidly losing tolerance for the antics of violent rent-a-mobs staffed by ungrateful foreigners and their pet “goodwhites.”

Stefan Molyneux discusses the executive order in detail, and the entire video is worth watching:

Not only is the Lügenpresse refusing to accurately report on the subject, but the faux outrage being expressed over an executive order that stops well short of what needs to be done is blatantly hypocritical when one considers how barely anyone noticed at all when Barack Hussein Obama banned entry to aliens from Iraq and Iran at various times during his presidency.

Those craven and corrupt individuals on the statist-left who have managed to secrete themselves into positions of power in the federal government are doing what they can to obstruct or soften the implementation of President Trump’s lawful order, but their attempts to stymie the President are inherently lawless and have no statutory or constitutional basis.

This is the first real political test being faced by the Trump Administration, and his strength or weakness here could set the tone for the rest of his term. Worse still, the possibility of disloyalty and treason by virtue-signalling Republicans in Congress is a constant threat. Fortunately, President Trump shows every indication that he intends to not only stay the course, but also maintain his offensive and keep America’s enemies in the media and on the left off-balance.

It is absolutely amazing that in the United States of America, the notion that the governments of the American people should have the interests of the American people as their sole priority would be a controversial one. If your government will not place your interests ahead of aliens, then what legitimacy could it possibly have?

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President Trump’s First Week

President Trump has had a busy first week. What is most notable about his first week in office, though, is the amount that he has accomplished in such a short period of time. In a sense, President Trump has learned to adapt and improve upon a favorite strategy of his predecessor: by so flooding his opponents that they cannot effectively react to any of his actions. Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has remarked that this is an effective strategy to “dilute” media and leftist (but I repeat myself) outrage. Vox Day refers to Trump’s actions as getting inside the left’s OODA loop and exploiting it. Essentially, Donald Trump is acting far too quickly for the left and its allies in the media to respond. Events are simply moving faster than a false narrative can be crafted and disseminated.

At the same time, the actions he has taken align nearly perfectly with his campaign promises– a refreshing change from the status quo. In little more than a week, President Trump has issued the order which will initiate construction of a border wall with Mexico, begun the process of defunding so-called “sanctuary-cities,” halted importation of “refugees” from predominantly Mohammedan nations, set the groundwork for the renegotiation or repeal of NAFTA, dumped the Trans-Pacific Partnership, initiated an investigation into rampant voter fraud (which is likely a significant problem), established a federal hiring freeze, ended federal funding for foreign abortions, authorized the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, and ceased enforcement of the unconstitutional Individual Mandate, even as traitorous Republicans dither about how “feasible” it is to repeal the law in its entirety. On top of that, President Trump will soon be announcing his first nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, who he promises will be staunchly in favor of gun rights and opposed to legalized infanticide.

Scott Adams summed President Trump’s first week up quite succinctly when he said,

In only a few days, Trump has made us question what-the-hell every other president was doing during their first weeks in office. Were they even trying?

Perhaps, though, the point of this is not that Donald Trump is the right man for the job, but that Americans have finally created an incentive for the wrong person to do the right thing. As Milton Friedman said,

“I do not believe that the solution to our problem is simply to elect the right people. The important thing is to establish a political climate of opinion which will make it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing. Unless it is politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing, the right people will not do the right thing either, or it they try, they will shortly be out of office.”

Is Donald Trump the right man, or have the American people finally made it profitable for the wrong man to do the right thing? Americans have been electing the “right people” since 2010, and yet there seems to have been more progress made in the past week than in the past six years. What changed?

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