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The Zman points out some profound distinctions between the District of Columbia and the United States, and why the task of shrinking the federal Leviathan will be so difficult.

A professor at Drexel University is facing criticism for statements on social media supportive of literal white genocide. When confronted about his repugnant diatribe, he doubled down. Eventually, like a thirteen-year-old commenting on YouTube, he backpedaled and claimed that he was “just trolling.”

The fact that he’s still employed says a great deal about his employer’s position on the subject. Naturally, they “condemned” his statements, but have no problem allowing him to continue polluting and corrupting the minds of his students with his hateful propaganda.

A senior Facebook employee has been arrested for soliciting sex from an underage female. As Vox Day astutely points out, these are the people who seek to “protect” you from “fake news” like Pizzagate.

And while Facebook employees obviously have personal and internal pressure to censor inconvenient news stories, Germany is providing a great deal of external incentive for censorship as well.

The government of Germany is considering imposing a legal regime that would allow fining social networks such as Facebook up to 500,000 euros ($522,000) for each day the platform leaves a “fake news” story up without deleting it.

Just in time for the election, of course. It wouldn’t do for Angela Merkel’s retention of power to be threatened by stories of migrant rape and evidence that her government was complicit in covering it up.

Lest we forget what European multi-cultists like Merkel are forcing upon their people:

An Islamist cell has been discovered near the aforementioned Imperial Capital.

RealClimateScience claims that 100% of North American “warming” observed by NOAA has been the result of data tampering.

Amazon provides yet another reason to avoid “smart” home appliances: the government is acutely aware of how easily they can be exploited. Amazon is making a show of refusing to allow police access to their recordings for now, but as with the iPhone encryption case, the feds almost always get what they want.

Yet another unprepared hiker resorted to drinking her own urine as a first resort. Seriously, people, stop it. A scant thirty hours without water, while dangerous, is not long enough to justify the dangerous, unsanitary, and counterproductive practice of drinking urine.

Haase, who lives in Narberth, Montgomery County, and also teaches at Northampton, said her sister has taken wilderness survival training.

She needs to demand a refund. Read her story, and learn from her mistakes.

Via WRSA comes a blog celebrating Donald Trump’s hard-won victory. The author does a victory lap, and happily declares the end of so-called “progressivism.” With all due respect to the author, the sentiment is a foolish one.

There is still much work to do. The last thing we who would restore our Republic should be doing is growing complacent and resting on our laurels, confident that by electing the “right” man, all will be right with the world.

Even now, the enemy is regrouping and plotting with treasonous collaborators in the Republican Party to blunt or even nullify the best possible outcomes of a Trump presidency. Now is not the time to rest, now is the time to press the attack. To strike. Now is the time to solidify gains and make the statist-left’s goals more difficult to achieve, even as we undo the damage they have wrought.

To add and repeat what the TownHall article already said:

Repeal the 17th Amendment. Defund “public” television and radio. Ban public sector unions. Pass right-to-work legislation at the state level. End federally subsidized student loans. Slash the budgets for state schools who refuse to fire incompetent, leftist professors. Dismantle the regulatory state. Take steps to protect the integrity of our elections. Aggressively prosecute those who hire illegal labor and forcibly remove illegal aliens who will not depart voluntarily. Repeal Hart-Celler and reinstate strict immigration quotas. End birthright citizenship. Cease recognition of citizenship “granted” to the children of non-citizen aliens under a gross misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.

End compulsory state funding for leftist causes, and you will eviscerate their ability to fund war against us. End the constant stream of leftist migrants from the Third-World, and you will end any future majority that the statist-left hopes to achieve.

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