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The confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s cabinet began today with Senator Jeff Sessions, who will likely be confirmed as the Attorney General of the United States.

Democrats, understanding that they will likely be unable to block Sessions’ confirmation, instead resorted to identity politics and smearing the nominee in an attempt to delegitimize his role.

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas is openly opposing legislation which would remove the requirement for a “License To Carry” in order to carry a firearm openly in the state.

Despite its reputation, Texas is far behind other states when it comes to promoting and protecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

According to The Washington Examiner (and via WeaponsMan), 5,000 National Guard troops will be on hand to provide security for Donald Trump’s inauguration, but none of them will be armed.

In a hateful rant that has since gone viral, a leftist from San Francisco deigned to inform those of us living in “s***hole” America what needs to be done in order to make our hovels more palatable to the Eloi currently occupying America’s coasts. The most horrifying part of the entire rant is the idea that their ilk sees living in flyover country as desirable. Like a plague of locusts, they have already destroyed Colorado. Your state could be next, if it has not already fallen.

Christian Mercenary has penned a worthwhile response.

Clockmed Mohammed had his defamation lawsuit dismissed with prejudice. It is, perhaps, too much to hope for that these foreign fame-whores would take themselves and their vile ideology back to Qatar.

The terrorist who perpetrated the mass shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale was a convert to Mohammedanism. Shocking.

The symptoms of “mental illness” he exhibited prior to the shooting may well have been a front intended to distance his actions from his ideology.

The United States Air Force is once again lowering its standards to meet recruiting goals.

And speaking of lowered standards, the first three females have “graduated” Marine infantry training and were promptly assigned non-infantry jobs.

The federal government is so desperate to inundate the United States with Mohammedan “refugees” that any documentation, even obviously fake documentation, will do.

A government which which will not protect its citizens or enforce its borders is not a government that is fulfilling its primary purpose. It is difficult to argue for the legitimacy or justify the continued existence of such a government.

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One Response to Daily Links

  1. TMFKACK says:

    But there has never been before this nation, any nation designed to be ruled “by the people”. So it is upon the people to rise up and take back control from those who would seek to bring it down for their own purpose or desire to see it destroyed. The biggest problem is that much of the population is ignorant to its own responsibilities as citizens, or are illegal aliens inhabiting the country, or worse lazy in regard to what’s going on so long as they aren’t currently affected. The longer the condition worsens, the harder it will be to overcome. I think it starts with a leader who denounces the division caused by race in this country as being a reason to unite and overcome it. Race should not be a qualification for fair treatment under the law, nor should it be used as an excuse for breaking the law. Citizens should be brought together under one banner (the Flag) and our focus be turned toward those that would bring it down. Illegal aliens, refugees who denounce the way of life and the design of our country, and nations who declare us their sworn enemy. if we are squabbling among ourselves over fair treatment, then do away with “bad cops” and retain those willing to serve the community. Likewise, demand that the community raise its standards and help to police itself. Unless you involve the people and make them part of the solution, expect those who have and seek power while attention is turned elsewhere, to continue to strip rights and freedoms from the rightful heirs and give it to those who would continue the process of destroying it in order that a new power can take over.


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